Celebrate Your Pride With These Nail Designs Featuring the Bisexual Flag

There’s never a bad time to show off your pride with a show-stopping manicure! Whether you’re a nail novice or are two coats away from opening your own salon, here are our favorite bisexual nail art designs to try.

1. Purple Amethyst Nails

Even if your girlfriend isn’t diving for crystals every time she takes off your bra, there’s probably one in your house somewhere. Bring that energy everywhere with this nail design.

2. Bold Graphic Line Nails

Show off your bi pride with these beautiful wavy lines set on a black background. Slightly moody, slightly goth, very bi, and totally stunning. Does anything describe us better?

3. Pixelated Heart Mani

This manicure can be a subtle nod to your geekdom or your sexuality. Or, both! Paint on one heart, two hearts, or however many your real heart desires! That one shouldn’t be pixelated.

4. Gemstone Rainbow Nail Design

Word of warning if you decide to get these: Be prepared for a conversation about Avengers: Endgame.

5. Glitter Rainbow Nails

If you’re going over the top, you’ve got to top it off with some glitter. You’re going to end up covered in glitter by the end of Pride month anyway, so you might as well start now.

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