17 Breakable Chocolate Hearts You'll Want Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine's Day, long gone are the days that you could put off picking up a simple box of chocolates on the way home. And, let’s be real, only about of four of those were edible anyway. But, that's ok, because someone invented breakable chocolate hearts. The molded geometric chocolate hearts come paired with a hammer so you can smash it open to reveal all the goodies inside. It's like a pinata, but instead of getting dizzy, you just get the stress relief.

Sister Sweets in Las Vegas created this unique Beetlejuice-themed breakable chocolate heart shaped box. It's got Beetlejuice's mug set in a fancy Victorian frame and chocolate-covered strawberries dressed in his iconic pinstripes.

This Williams-Sonoma version comes lathered in French chocolate and is filled with 30 dark chocolate dragées. The sparkly outer shell is pretty enough to hang on the wall... depending on how much nuts you go with the hammer.

The bad news is you smash the rose – you know, the rose. Good news is you get what’s inside. Bad news is this doesn't break the curse.

You can't go wrong with a classic red heart.

This one is perfect for the people who love Halloween or just really admire our nighttime pollinators.

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