22 Unconventional Charcuterie Board Ideas For Summer

The charcuterie trend has taken the world by storm, because who doesn’t love adult Lunchables? And, as a result, there are so many creative charcuterie board ideas to make your basic meat and cheese combo TikTok-worthy.

1. Rainbow Charcuterie Board

They say it’s important to include lots of colors into your diet, and this gorgeous charcuterie board covers them all. Not sure this is actually a rainbow? Squint harder.

2. Butter Charcuterie Board

Butter boards may just be charcuterie boards that jumped the shark, but we’re kind of obsessed. Are they impractical? Sure. 

3. Baby Shower Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are also for new parents who are complaining about their jobs with a bottle of milk! And their friends who are there for moral support. 

4. Charcuterie Cones

With this genius hack, you can take your charcuterie on the go. Although it will be insulting to present it as a charcuterie board, it’s the perfect snack for a weekend walk around the park.

5. Vegan Charcuterie Box

You know, like a charcuterie board, but…vegan! And in a box. Because you can get a lot more vegan cheese stacked up with those sides.

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