These 21 Trader Joe's Holiday Products Sleigh The Snack Game

When Trader Joe’s drops their holiday products for 2023, it reminds us of the true meaning of the season. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the tasty treats that pop up with the oh-so-exciting "limited edition" labels, but you do have to make plenty of room to stockpile the goods.

The simple hack to making anything festive. This confectionery mix of green trees, red candy canes, and white snowflakes has the power to take your dessert from ho-hum to holiday faster than you can spiral into an existential crisis because you’re halfway through baking and realize you have nobody to share a dozen cupcakes with.

With Girl Scout cookies for the year far in our past, the absence of Thin Mints has us hankering for mint chocolate. Thus, these cookies are stars in more ways than one.

Trader Joe’s heard us when we said we hated to choose between cakes and cookies. Actually, everybody heard us. We yell it often from the rooftops. But hey, whatever gets stuff done.

Not to be confused with the umami-packed mushrooms, these truffles are a bite-sized sweet. We buy them to share with our friend that hates mint chocolate because “oh no, we totally forgot” and now we have to eat the whole box by ourselves. Dang.

Is it a holiday party without a platter of cookies? Could be. Is it a good one? Definitely not.

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