25 Spooky Halloween Cakes to Bake for Your Next Party

Ghost Bark Cake

This creepy cute Halloween cake by Sprinkle Bakes features a white layer cake decorated with jet black food coloring, sprinkles, and homemade ghost bark.

Red Vine Monster Cake

The red food coloring make this cake look like a combination of Tickle-Me-Elmo and a Chia Pet and it probably won’t come  alive in the middle of the night. Probably.

Chocolate Ghost Cake

Bake up some chocolate cakes, pipe chocolate frosting in between the layers, and add candy eyeballs and adorable ghost meringues. It’s terrifyingly cute. Just like the kid from the Omen!

Drippy Skull Halloween Cake

To make this Halloween cake that wouldn’t be out of place in the French catacombs, pick up some mini skull molds, white chocolate, and strawberry jam.

Skeleton Hand Cake

Loren Bakes decorated this Halloween cake with a skull fondant hand and wafer butterflies. It’s honestly almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

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