Lost In The Frozen Aisle? We Ranked Of The 15 Biggest Ice Cream Brands

You’re in the frozen aisle with colorful containers of ice cream stacked behind frosted glass stretched out before you. But what to choose? You could pick one of every tub. Or, you could use our guide of the 15 of the most popular ice cream brands ranked worst to best to help  you decide.

15. Halo Top

Halo Top is a high protein ice cream option, and it could be a good choice if you’re trying to hit calorie goals. But otherwise, leave it on the shelf with the Muscle Milk.

12. Blue Bell

Blue Bell ice cream has been ranked last, or very close to it, in many a list of ice cream brands ranked. But is also a beloved, nostalgic treat for Texans and midwesterners.

8. Breyer’s

Breyer’s barely beats out Turkey Hill, and comes in at spot #8 for the same reason: it’s as inconsistent as our ability to spell “inconsistent” correctly on the first try.

6. Magnum

All of their flavors include chocolate, so it’s perfect for, well…literally any occasion. You have to work for this pint, though, since each is covered in a layer of chocolate you have to crack to get into.

3. Ben & Jerry’s

This ice cream brand has variety, quality, and weird celebrity partnerships with the likes of Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Dough) and Chance The Rapper (Mint Chocolate Chance).

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