15 Easy Irish Whiskey Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

Contrary to what Seamus O’Flanagan told you at a Kappa Gamma Sig party, you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy Irish whiskey cocktails. In  fact, it doesn’t even need to be St. Patrick’s Day to throw back an Irish Coffee, mule, or whiskey smash.

If you need a drink that screams “wake me up” and “get me sloshed,” then this Irish Coffee is the cocktail of your dreams. Hopefully not one where you forgot to put on pants.

Is it festive? Fruity? A Willy Wonka fever dream? The best way to describe this rainbow whiskey-sour apple schnapps-melon liqueur drink is: yes.

Stay with us here. Even if a shot of whiskey doesn’t sound appealing, you’ll still probably love this green tea shot.  It’s made with Irish whiskey (who knew!), peach schnapps (hey,  college), sweet and sour mix (sure), and lemon-lime soda (Sprite, just  call it Sprite).

Made with orange juice, blue curaçao, and Irish whiskey, this stunning green cocktail will be the hit of any St. Patrick’s Day party. Probably not the day after, but hey, it’s important to live in the moment!

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