These Are The Only July Nail Designs You’ll Need All Month

By the time the seventh month of the year rolls around, summer is in full swing. School is out. Beach days are the norm. Ice cream is a food group. But if none of those things are doing it for you, we suggest trying out some (or all!) of these July nail design ideas.

1. Stars, Strawberries, and Gingham Nails

If this isn’t the blueprint for your 4th of July outfits, then we don’t know what is. Well, other than those Old Navy shirts.

2. Neon Reverse French Tips

Toucans everywhere are jealous. And Skittles. And the rainbow at a neon rave. Man, these nails are popular!

3. Cherry Nails

It’s a lot more acceptable to tie a knot in a cherry stem when you’re drawing it on your nails, not making weird faces at that person across  the party who totally does not understand what you’re doing.

4. Two-Toned Pink French Tips

We can’t prove it, but we’re pretty sure this is where Dubble Bubble got their inspiration from.

5. Cancer Zodiac Nails

This year, go simple and understated with your zodiac nail design…or do the complete opposite. You’re the boss! Well, actually this crab is. But you’re the assistant to the boss!

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