We Ranked 14 Keurig K-Cups So You Know Which Ones to Order and Which to Avoid

Staring at a wall of Keurig K-cups at the grocery store can be a bit scary. While we don’t have the iron stomach to do a taste test of all of the K-cup options out there, we did do a really solid sampling. Now presenting: the definitive Keurig cup ranking of the worst to the best cups that you never knew you needed Only sacrifice we had to make is that now our body's water content is 90 percent coffee. Worth it.

We say this with love and kindness: Krispy Kreme should stick to making donuts. These K-cups have a bitter flavor, and yet they were still watery. How the flavor managed to be both strong and watery is a bit of a mystery. Oh, we just solved it: it’s a skip.

Dukale’s Blend does not leave us laughing, man. It is bitter and strong. And yes, we know coffee is bitter. It's the nature of the beast. But this one feels like it has teeth sliding down your throat.

Breathing in the fumes of this cup of coffee was like inhaling perfume. That doesn’t make sense, and yet that’s exactly what happened. It’s perfumey. Taste-wise, this brew is strong and bitter, which might be good for some of you, but even with three Sweet’N Lows, we were still scrunching up our faces in pain. We don’t mind a bitter brew, but we want to taste the coffee bean at least a little bit.

One may think a Hawaiian blend would transport you to a sunny paradise. And perhaps if you like a strong, bitter coffee, this will transport you to a brighter, sunnier place. However, this coffee is just a bit too strong for our liking and not in the right way. The bitterness feels off balance and there’s not enough sugar to fix it.

We feel catfished by Miss Gloria Jean. Her butter toffee brew smelled divine, but when we took that first sip, we were met with a lot of coffee and very little butter. And you know what? We wanted so much more butter. Oh, uh, the coffee was fine. But it didn’t deliver on the butter, so we’re not sold.

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