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25 Kit Kat Flavors Ranked Best To Worst

#3: Mint and Dark Chocolate Duo Kit Kat

It’s mintier than a Thin Mint, but less minty than a Peppermint Patty. Sort of like an Andes Mint, but with a fun wafer crunch. We’re into it.

#9: Matcha Kit Kat

It tastes like sweet matcha. We like it, because we like the powdered green tea. You will not like it if you do not like matcha. Not much more needs be said.

#11: Pistachio Kit Kat

Surprisingly chocolatey with surprisingly little pistachio. It wasn’t bad, but a pistachio lover would feel robbed.

#18: White Chocolate Kit Kat

This one tastes like absolutely nothing. Not even white chocolate. It just tastes like sweetness. It’s not actively unpleasant, but it’s certainly not worth it.

#22: Mango Kit Kat

This tastes like how a mango candle smells. Or, a little like a Hi-Chew, if Hi-Chews weren’t good.

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