13 Mocktail Recipes That Are Just As Good As Their Boozy Counterparts

If you're taking a break from booze – whether that's for Dry January or just some liquid therapy – you can still enjoy delicious beverages. Water is great and all, but it doesn't really hit the same after a day full of mindless meetings. Instead, try out one of these mocktail recipes.

For a fruitier take on a mojito, add in some pomegranate juice to the mix. You'll still get in an arm workout from crushing mint, and you can tell your doctor that you're adding more fruits into your diet!

The Horchata is a must-try drink for anyone who's diving into the world of non-alcoholic drinks. It's sweet, creamy, and perfectly peppered with cinnamon.

Even if you're taking an alco-holiday, you can still enjoy the flavors of a Piña Colada. This virgin take on the tropical treat is made with blended pineapple juice and coconut cream, and as many fruit garnishes as your heart desires.

This citrusy, creamy Orange Julius is made with orange juice concentrate, water, milk, powdered sugar, vanilla, and ice. It's like an adult creamsicle in a cup. Or just a creamsicle in a cup.

The beauty of mocktail recipes is that most of them are so easy to make. This refreshing drink only requires blood orange juice, lime juice, and either non-alcoholic rosé or ginger beer.

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