These New Year's Drinks Are The Best Way to Cheers In 2024

There's no better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve than with a nice cocktail. While champagne is typically the star of the party, there are plenty of New Year’s drinks beyond the bubbly. From Emma D'Arcy's Negroni Sbagliato to fizzy drinks like Cranberry Prosecco punch, these creative mixes should inspire a good toast or two.

The Espresso Martini is one of the most popular cocktails of recent years. Plus, you’ll need something to help you stay up past midnight, since bedtime is now 9pm.

This classic French 75 is made with gin, lemon, and simple syrup. This holiday twist on the cocktail adds a bit of tart cranberry syrup.

We know Emma D’Arcy would want you to say cheers with their drink of choice. So kick off your New Year with a stunning “Negroni. Sbagliato. With Prosecco in it.” Champagne, who?

Dirty Shirleys are an elevated way to bring out your inner child. This blood orange Dirty Shirley recipe will make you feel young again.

Jell-O shots are arguably the most fun addition to any party. The trick is to lick your finger and rub it around the Jell-O cup, so it slides out easily.

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