We Ranked 13 Popular Popsicle Brands from "Pass" to "Perfection"

Self-care tip for summer: buy some Popsicles. Where ice cream feels like a year-round treat, after a hot summer day, there’s almost nothing better than reaching into the freezer for some sweet frozen fruit (plus sugar). So, here’s your guide to the most popular store-bought popsicle brands, ranked worst to best.

13. Halo Top Fruit Pops

There are no angels singing when we eat Halo Top’s Fruit Pops. They're good for people following a keto diet or pulling back on their calories, but they’re highly processed for all their claims of being a “healthy” option. Pass. (The Doritos.)

9. Whole Fruit Fruit Bars

Though these do pack a lot of real fruit (strawberries are the first ingredient in the strawberry pops) they just don’t deliver in flavor. The fruit bars are cold and sweet, but that’s simply not enough to charm us.

8. The Original Bomb Pop

Your childhood is calling and it wants to know: were these actually good? Bomb Pops need the right pairing to be wholly enjoyed. In this case, it’s an 80 degree day in the backyard with a kiddie pool while someone’s grilling.

3. Nestle Push-Up Pop

This takes us right back to walking into 7/11 as a tween and using our crumpled five dollar bill to buy one of these creamy delights. It may not be fancy, but gosh darn does it deliver. No questions, please.

2. The Original Fudgsicle

Finally, some chocolate!  Fudgesicles are a classic. Just don’t believe the “No Sugar Added” hype. Oh, you’re not going to eat yours now? Mind if we do?

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