16 Scotch Whisky Brands Ranked From Terrible to Terrific

To rank the best Scotch brands and bottles, we spoke with Kim Ohanneson, President of Women Who Whiskey Los Angeles, founder of Ardent Spirits L.A., and curator of Highlands & Islands Distillery Tours. We also chatted with the expert team over at Frootbat, an online whiskey, wine, and liquor marketplace that specializes in rare and vintage bottles.

Scotch enthusiasts have a lot to say about Passport Scotch, and let’s just say it’s not complimentary. As one Reddit review says about this “alcohol-flavored water” with the scent of “lemon-lime Pinesol,” the finish of this blended whisky is best compared to “bile coming back up after you puke.”

Have you ever worked up a sweat at the gym and thought, “I should really bottle this!” Well, according to one Reddit reviewer, Clan MacGregor has already done it for you.

Dewar’s is a popular choice for people who want to drink and also don’t want to break the bank. But there are more budget-friendly options that don’t taste like, as one Reddit reviewer put it, “regret.” And if the taste doesn’t turn you off, the “disinfectant” smell might.

If you believe the Internet, when you drink this Scotch, you’ll be asking, “Who aged Scotch alongside my old sweat socks?” According to this Reddit reviewer, there’s a lasting vanilla sweetness, but the flavor mostly disappears as soon as you taste it.

According to the expert whisky connoisseurs over at Frootbat, this medium-peated Islay Scotch is heavy on the smoke, as well as the scent and taste of a coastal sea spray. You’ll also find hints of citrus and vanilla.

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