20 Spring Cocktails That Feel Like Sunshine In A (Whiskey) Glass

Ah, spring. That weird in-between season where it’s not warm enough for the beach, but you still feel brave enough to go outside without a parka, scarf, and Carhartt beanie. So send Frosty off for a final cheers with one of these refreshing spring cocktails.

You couldn’t keep us away from these strawberry rhubarb margaritas if you had strawberry rhu-barbed wire. Made with strawberries, orange juice, lime juice, triple sec, and tequila, it’s easy to make this punch ahead of time.

This vibrant purple lavender martini cocktail, made with gin and champagne, is giving us major “Alice in Wonderland” vibes. Spring cocktails that are this wonderful are bound to make even the Cheshire Cat smile. We’re all drunk here!

Bellini, meet your cousin, the rossini. Unlike the former, this creation is made with strawberries, not peaches.

You might have to raid a spice cabinet to make this drink, but it’s totally worth it for this drink. Cinnamon, allspice, vanilla, black tea, and orange give off some major Christmas vibes, but who says you can’t bring a taste of the holidays into spring?

According to the rules of “Under the Tuscan Sun,” the best way to get over an ex is to get with a man named Marcello. We can’t offer you any Marcello, but we can offer you this sparkling Tuscan lemonade cocktail.

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