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The Best Of Target’s Halloween Baking Collection

When we were last at Target, we discovered they have a good-sized selection of baking kits and decorating supplies for Halloween in their Hyde & Eek! Boutique. After all, when it comes to whimsical baking, Halloween is easily the frontrunner.

1. Fright Night Target Cookie Decorating Kit

This kit includes 16 pre-baked cookies of Frankenstein’s Monster, a black cat, a witch, and a pumpkin :Looks in box for vampire:

2. Gummy Brains

Mmmm. Brains. No, really, have you tried these? They’re strawberry flavored.

3. Little Monsters Cookie Dough Bites Kit

Admittedly, when we saw these, we first thought they were olives with sprinkles. We still think that. But that’s just because we’re stubborn.

4. Mummy Brownie Kit

Hopefully not made from real mummies. Haunted icing never tastes right.

5. Twisted Tavern Haunted House Cookie Kit

Build and decorate this haunted house using chocolate cookies. The scariest part? They’re always out of your favorite fall beer.

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