25 Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas That Rival Pumpkin Pie

Food + Drink

1. Oreo Turkeys

These chocolate dipped Oreos may not be fancy, but they are adorable. Unlike us, who are both fancy and adorable.

2. Pumpkin Brownies

We’re chocoholics and pumpkinholics, and we’ve wasted precious years of our lives working hard having two separate desserts to satisfy both cravings. Enter: pumpkin brownies.

3. White Chocolate Chai Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

Christmas cookies get a lot of hype, but these sweet, spiced, pumpkin snickerdoodles might have you thinking “woah, maybe there is more to life than a plain snickerdoodle.” 

4. Pumpkin Crunch Cake

The crunch on this pumpkin cake comes from the topping of nuts and caramel. Way better than the time you got pumpkin crunch because your aunt Judith didn’t scoop all of the seeds out before insisting she could make the pie herself.

5. Cookie Butter Cream Pie

We like to think of this Cookie Butter dessert as a holiday version of a peanut butter cream pie. Actually, we just like to think about this, whenever we can.

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