The Most Popular BBQ Sauces Ranked From Best to Worst

We ranked the options from best barbecue sauce to the ones you should probably pass on. Are these the best BBQ sauces out there? Mostly, no. Are they the ones you'll most likely see when you pull up to a cookout? Yes. So, if you didn't bring your own fave, here's what to reach for.

1. Sweet Baby Ray’s (Award Winning Barbecue Sauce)

Our review: Sweet Baby Ray’s has a perfect balance of sweetness, tanginess, spice, and flavor.

4. Guy Fieri Kansas City Barbeque Sauce

Our review: Our first whiff of this sauce had us thinking it was heavy on the vinegar and spice. But the taste was surprisingly sweet.

6. Sticky Fingers Smokehouse Original Barbecue Sauce

Our review: It’s a good sauce, but thin. It tasted like a standard tomato/molasses sauce, but with less sweetness and more spice than the ones we ranked higher.

8. Annie’s Original BBQ Sauce

Our review: Annie’s will never be in our bad books (they’ve secured a get-out-of-jail-free card with cheddar bunnies). But we weren’t huge fans of this sauce. 

11. Born Simple Lemongrass Mustard BBQ Sauce

Our review: This sauce is how we have trust issues. It tasted like extremely acidic, spicy mustard. We're not even sure if it qualifies as a BBQ sauce.

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