20 New Trader Joe’s Products Hitting Shelves This May

Food + Drink

1. Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Snag a bottle of this new TJ's dressing for your Memorial Day crudité platter, pair it with chicken, slather it on pizza to implode a friendship you used to think was unshakeable.

2. Gluten-Free Battered Plant-Based Fish Fillet

Trader Joe’s said that everyone should be able to enjoy fish and chips, and gifted us with this gluten-free battered plant-based fish filet.

3. Cold Brew Iced Tea (Black Tea and Lemon)

Nothing says “Summer is coming,” like sipping sweet tea. Except for the people that verbally say “Summer is coming.” But iced tea has the lead in the “implications by inanimate objects” category.

4. Sfogliatella Pastry

Flaky pastry filled with sweetened ricotta and candied orange? The only thing harder than resisting the urge to eat the whole box is spelling the darn thing.

5. Coconut Cold Brew

We’re drafting a letter to make the point that the official start of summer is not June 21st, but whenever coconut cold brew is back on the shelves. Who can we make this out to, Galileo? Are his DMs open?

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