The Best Trader Joe's Valentine's Products for 2024

Valentine’s Day means products that scream “love is alive!” as we scream “please stop with the chalky candy hearts!” They can’t even fit “You’re cute but I’ll never love you like I loved 2003 Orlando Bloom." Luckily, the Valentine's Day lineup at Trader Joe’s for 2024 has some tastier, fresher snack and dinner options. Plus, Trader Joe’s offers products can be enjoyed by anybody regardless of relationship status. Single? Married? Widowed seven times for no particular reason? You can still treat yourself to a heart-shaped macaron or gummy Xs and Os, Mrs. White.

Trader Joe’s has a great track record with gummies (what’s up Scandinavian Swimmers), and these are no different. The X’s and O’s come in white, red, and pink.

Did anyone else totally miss how the regular jelly bean shape is pretty close to a charmingly amorphous heart? Trader Joe’s didn’t.

Oh no! Your date brought a Valentine’s offering to dinner, and you arrived empty handed. Add instant Valentine’s spirit with these heart-shaped sprinkles in all the Valentine’s colors. Mmmm sprinkle steak!

Imagine: You have a date over. Things are going really well. They say “you know what? I’m gonna dip.” You panic, but they whip out this dipping kit, with milk chocolate disks, Valentine’s sprinkles, and a one-way ticket to Flavortown.

Not only is the pasta shaped for love, but it also includes tomato powder and beet powder to give it a romantic red hue.

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