Creative Valentine's Day Cake Ideas That Say "I Love You, and Dessert"

Maybe your love language is words of affirmation or acts of service. The way to our heart is through baked goods. So if you're looking for a way to treat us this February, check out these Valentine's Day cake ideas. Ok, sure, we guess they would be good ideas for someone you actually know, too.

There's no better love than the kind between a human and their dog. Unless they ate your favorite shoe for the fifth time. And are a cat.

If your heart feels like it's popping out of your chest with love, this comic cake design is perfect for you. Also, maybe go see a doctor.

Candy hearts and cake are a match made in sugary heaven. If only there was a heart that says, "Remind me to schedule a dentist appointment."

In the words of our Queen Beyoncé, we feel like fallin' in love with this cake. We love it like XO. Surfboard. Well, two out of three references work. Not bad!

Give this to the whale lover in your life!

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