Whip Up These Romantic Valentine's Day Cocktails If You Forgot A Gift

Dry January is great and all, but if you're counting down the days until you can wet your whistle again, these Valentine's Day cocktails are the move. These seasonal drinks range from a martini inspired by Red Hots candy to a "love potion" featuring Conversation Hearts, to a smattering of red and pink drinks to put you in the mood. In the mood for what is up to you. Bed time? Sexy time? Pizza time? The world is your liquor-soaked oyster.

White chocolate liqueur and vodka come together with zesty raspberries to create a sweet drink that's perfect for any pink-themed holiday. Valentine's Day, we're looking at you.

Simple and refreshing, this cocktail has just five ingredients - lemon juice, Empress 1908 gin, regular gin, rhubarb ginger liqueur, and simple syrup - and comes together in minutes. Assuming you're not already three drinks in.

To create the effect of pink and red layered rum jello shots, you need a measure of patience to ensure each layer fully cools before adding the next. If you fail, you'll still end up with jello shots, though, so even the worst case scenario is a good one.

In: guava juice. Out: orange juice. The result? These delicious and appropriately pink mimosas.

This drink obviously features sour candy hearts, but the drink itself is crafted to taste like them. You'll need cranberry juice, Malibu Strawberry Rum, Sour Strawberry Schnapps, lemon juice, grenadine, and candy for garnish.

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