The Best Valentine's Day Snacks for The Holiday

Every holiday is basically an excuse to do things we’d feel guilty about doing just about any other time of the year (e.g., pinching anyone not wearing green). And Valentine’s Day is no exception. It's the one time of year you can eat whatever candy that blood-pumping organ of yours desires — provided it’s vaguely heart-shaped or in some color configuration of red, white, or (especially) pink. After that, it's green and white candies only, so get your fill in now.

Jolly Rancher has taken their classic hard candies and transformed them into cherry-, strawberry-, and watermelon-flavored jelly beans. Which is to say: Jolly Rancher makes candy that aren’t Jolly Ranchers.

We know what you’re thinking: Did I remember to lock the door? Sorry we can’t help you there, but also these chocolate-covered hearts are one graham cracker and a campfire away from being something we’d devour. What s’more could you want?

Fruit Snacks are the grown up version of Flintstones vitamins. As long as you stopped growing up around eight years old. But these are heart-shaped so: Yum!

Kit Kat is known for incorporating unique flavors, like matcha and apple pie, into their candy bars. This Valentine’s Day they’ve gone the pink-and-white route with raspberry creme, but what would really say “love” is their Baked Sweet Potato Kit Kats — just like Nana used to make!

Conversation hearts have been helping us say “BITE ME” every Valentine’s Day since 1901. Sour Patch has given them a makeover with messages like, “Yas” and “Bae."

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