This Vegan Bakery Creates the Coolest Spooky Treats for Valentine’s Day

Wave goodbye to the days of boring vegan baked goods. And, instead, say hello to your sweetest, darkest, sugary dreams brought to you by the Pennsylvania-based vegan bakery Vegan Treats. And, ostensibly, the letter V. Vegan Treats was founded 20 years ago by Danielle Konya. Konya kicked things off with a peanut butter bomb cake, but it’s her spooky vegan Valentine’s Day chocolates and miniature cakes have developed a cult-like following.

Give your significant other mixed signals with these hot and cold conversation heart cakes. It’s okay, they’ll be too busy eating cake to ask questions.

Set some boundaries with these cakes. Can we get one that says “We're Not Sharing” please?

Delicious enough to wake the dead, the Fatally Yours chocolate box is filled with 16 pieces of handcrafted premium chocolate including “milk” chocolate Bolivian rose salted skulls, white chocolate crunch mummy cats, and a hazelnut praline chocolate anatomical heart.

Included in this cat-themed package, you’ll find: – Mummy Bar! Chocolate black raspberry sesame crunch – White chocolate strawberry crunch scaredy cat – Jumbo peanut butter cups twin pack – Jumbo rice milk chocolate cookie dough cups twin pack – Betterfinger bars

One of the best things about vegan cookie dough? No eggs, no risk of salmonella. Not that it stopped us before. There’s a gluten-free version too.

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