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25 Whiskey Drinks To Add To Your List Of Favorites

1. Whiskey Sour

With only four ingredients, a Whiskey Sour is a sweet, citrusy whiskey drink that has been a favorite for more than a century.

2. Penicillin

The cocktails contains one ounce of lemon juice and are garnished with ginger to give it just enough bite.

3. Blackberry Bourbon Smash

A Blackberry Bourbon Smash features fresh blackberries, lime, mint, and soda water.

4. Peanut Butter Whiskey Manhattan

The Peanut Butter Whiskey Manhattan is a variation on that classic cocktail that uses peanut butter whiskey as the base.

5. Smoked Cherry Old Fashioned

If the classic Old Fashioned is an old-school Don Draper type, then a Smoked Cherry Old Fashioned is his femme fatale foil.

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