Boozy Pickles Are the Hot TikTok Trend and We're On Board

Whiskey pickles (also called boozy or drunken pickles) are the newest TikTok food trend.  And your new favorite summer BBQ snack. If you're over 21, obviously.

TikTok's @meggeroniii

Whiskey pickles are pickles that have been soaked in whiskey or another spirit. Because while you can't turn a pickle back into a cucumber, you can infuse it with alcohol.

What Are Whiskey Pickles?

No. The first Whiskey Pickle recipe was published at least as far back as 1827 in the Farmers' & Mechanics Journal.

Are They a New Thing?

By dropping cleaned cucumbers into a mixture made from three parts water and one part whiskey, sealing the container, then waiting a few months.

How Were They Originally Made?

You can put them on anything you'd put pickles on. Some ideas:  – cocktails (for garnish) – macaroni salad – burgers – pizza – sandwiches

What Do I Do With Them?

  One 32 oz. (quart-size) jar of pickles One cup of whiskey, rye, tequila,  or vodka One hot pepper or hot sauce

What Do I Need to Make Them?

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