23 Willy Wonka Dessert Ideas For Your Watch Party

Willy Wonka and desserts go together like blueberries and pie. Just ask Violet Beauregard. Although, she might not be the best spokesperson for the brand. But these Willy Wonka dessert ideas would convert even the most reticent person into fandom. These scrumdiddlyumptious Willy Wonka desserts will satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

Have you ever heard of the saying, "When an Oompa Loompa smiles, someone gets a chocolate bar?" We haven't either, but we might as well test the theory. We’re feeling lottery-ticket lucky today.

A cake that defies gravity. Even Elphaba would agree. It would be wicked to have seconds.

Are you looking to host a Willy Wonka x The Crownparty? Of course you are, they’re all the rage in England. Don your fascinators and top hats. Pinkies out, please.

This golden ticket is one we won’t be sharing. We spent two hours refreshing our screens on Ticketmaster. It’s worth every tax, processing fee, and convenience charge.

Go big or go home. We’d never want to go home if this confectionary delight was in front of us. Any chance we can take the leftovers home? We have to feed our iguana.

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