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What Is Let’s Eat Cake?

Let’s Eat Cake was a baking blog.

Let’s Eat Cake is now the smart, irreverent lifestyle site for women looking to learn about food, drinks, travel, baking recipes, entertainment, sex and love, fashion, beauty, and how to stand a lobster on its head.

It was founded by Rebecca Swanner. Hannah Rex joined in 2018 as Managing Editor.

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Who Are Our Readers?

Confident, intelligent, sassy, well-rounded women in their 20s and 30s who know not only how to take a joke but also how to deliver one.

Women who want to learn about wine and whiskey. Women who want to take epic solo trips around the world and laugh over the worst films to watch with your parents. And, sure, women who want to know the difference between Dutched cocoa powder and regular cocoa powder, because someone’s got to be in the kitchen. (Our editors, that’s who.)

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If you’d like to write for us or partner with us in any capacity, please see our contact page for details.

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