Your Summer Won’t Be Complete Until You Try These Agua Fresca Recipes

When the summer heat hits, a glass of water isn’t always what you need to cool down. Usually, it’s an entire vat of water (read: pool), or an even more refreshing beverage. So what’s better than the OG H2O? A fruity, flavorful, glass of agua fresca.

In its simplest form, agua fresca is fruit blended with water and sweetened with some type of sugar. Recipes usually include lime, too.

This colorful red-and-orange cocktail screams Malibu without the residents actually screaming at you to get off their private beach.

Just think of all the seed spitting contests you can have with the excess of this drink! Those seedless hybrids really take all the fun out of things.

Cantaloupe may be the filler of fruit salads, but it’s the star of this show. We hear it’s getting a Netflix special soon, too.

This cucumber lime recipe takes spa water to the next level. If you’re lucky, you can sip on this while your cat gives you a massage.

If you’re someone who can’t be trusted to improvise in the kitchen, then follow this recipe for spiked agua fresca, featuring tequila.

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