25 Perfectly Pink Barbie Kitchen Products For Your DreamHouse

Everything’s coming up roses because Barbiecore has officially taken over our entire lives. In preparation for the Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie film, we’re throwing out everything that’s not pink. So, we pulled together a list of Barbie kitchen products to help with that endeavor.

This hot pink hibiscus KitchenAid mixer was the brand’s color of the year.

Dragon Glassware paired up with Barbie to put out a line of glassware in hot pink. This set comes with two martini glasses, in human size, not Barbie size.

Yeah, we know you’re not in college anymore. This fridge is meant to go beside your bed. Who doesn’t want a midnight snacky encased in pink?

Add a splash of pink to your kitchen without an overhaul. We’d like it even better if it said “who’s cookin,” because the answer is certainly not us.

Not gonna lie, this thing is kinda useless. But it is so pleasing on the eye that we’re going to buy it anyway, and then be super nervous whenever our guests go near it.

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