Give Your Chips a New Best With These Fan-Favorite Trader Joe’s Dips

Chips and dip. Dip and chips. Maybe you think of tortillas and salsa. Maybe you think of Lay’s and onion dip. Either way, your mouth is probably watering. And if it's not yet, then talking about the best dips at Trader Joe's will get it there. Now, we love a good chip, don’t get us wrong. But if behind every successful man is a strong woman, then behind every successful chip is a strong dip.

Salsa without tomatoes? What even is that? Sit down, kids, time for a life lesson. This salsa is made with sweet corn, red bell pepper, onion, and jalapeno peppers. Okay, run along now.

We want avocado that’s here to party, because we sure as heck are. What do you mean it’s not a party if it’s just us and our favorite snacks on a Wednesday? Blasphemy.

Take the OG hummus, then whip it, whip it good. This variation on the traditional hummus has a whipped consistency and is topped with satisfyingly crunchy pine nuts and a blend of parsley, red bell pepper, and olive oil.

Pimento can be called “the caviar of the south." If that doesn't elicit an image in your head, it's a mix of cheese, pimento, and a binder, usually mayonnaise.

This dip has seasonings, cheese, and includes corn. We’re sorry for leaving you out all this time, buddy! Want to talk about it? We’re all ears. Or, rather, you are. But you get it.

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