Check Off The Cooks In Your Life With These Practical Holiday Kitchen Gifts

Getting a holiday kitchen gift for someone who has Little Caesars on speed dial? Probably not the best bet. But for some people - the type of people who can tell you what the heck a Julienne cut is - this list of the best holiday kitchen gifts of 2023 is bound to include the perfect present.

You could ask us what's the point of the underside decoration on this skillet, but the answer is: to permanently scar burglars on their faces when they try to break into your house and only an eight-year-old is home. Are we mixing up our Christmas movies again?

When the weather outside is frightful and putting on the fire is too expensive (and therefore not delightful), give these hot chocolate bomb molds a try. You can have your chocolate and drink it too.

Want to up your highball game? Get a top-shelf whiskey. Just kidding, we don’t have money for that. But we do have enough for those adorable ornament ice sphere molds. And that’s just as good. Right? Right??

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, parents were running on adrenaline and half-eaten Christmas cookies to build Barbie Dream Houses. At least making a beautiful cake with this loaf pan will be easy. Did we just out ourselves as non-believers?

My only issue with this handblown glass olive oil pourer is that, if I buy it, my olive oil will live in a prettier place than I do. It’s hard out here for a renter who just wants to paint a wall something other than white. And, no, we don’t mean "eggshell."

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