These Trader Joe's Super Bowl Snacks Will Make Watching Football Worth It

Even if you don’t follow football, you can tell when the Super Bowl is coming. Grocery stores everywhere embrace the pinnacle of football food season, and we're stoked about all the best Trader Joe's Super Bowl snacks available this year. Sure, there’s football. But we all know what the Super Bowl is really about: the food. And the commercials. But mostly the food.

These mini hot dogs are wrapped in flaky pastry, sprinkled with parm, and ready for you to throw into the oven and consume by the hundreds.

Wisconsiners may have cheese curds running through their veins, but you don’t need to be a Packers fan to enjoy these soft chunks of cheese.

Cacio E Pepe is a tried and true pairing of cheese and pepper, and these puffs take cheddar, Romano, and black pepper into the realm of snacking.

Popcorn starts out great, and then TJ's coats it not once, but twice, first in tapioca and cane sugar and then with salted peanut butter. We will be grazing on these sweet and salty nubs of crunchy goodness for the whole game and then some.

Trader Joe’s has already infused the flavor of salsa verde with these white corn tortilla chips. Talk about working smarter, not harder.

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