Disney’s Halloween Treats For 2023 Will Have You Drooling

Fall is here, which means the most important release of the year – Disney‘s terrifyingly delicious Halloween menu. Per usual, the mega-brand has unveiled a cornucopia of new snacks themed for the occasion. So we took a look at all the Disney Halloween food options for 2023.

Off with their heads for making this slushy so good. This frozen cherry slushy is drizzled with black cherry purée and topped with whipped cream and a crown-shaped chocolate piece.

Alright, they’re not actual zombie fingers. They’re just almond cookies shaped like them, accompanied by a key lime white chocolate ganache for dipping.

There is no Mickey without Minnie. This is a pumpkin cheesecake with pumpkin coffee mousse, and topped with a candy corn bow.

This is a mango mousse and sour tropical gelatin topped with cookie crumbles, gummy worms, sprinkles, and a tombstone chocolate piece.

A quintessential Halloween movie in our eyes, this Nightmare Before Christmas snack features the pumpkin king himself, Jack Skellington.

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