We Tasted Dunkin’s Most Popular Iced Coffees And Ranked Them Worst To Best

Dunkin’ has a pretty good handle on donuts, but the brand’s coffee is hit or miss. In the name of science, we decided to put it to a taste test. So, here’s all the popular Dunkin’ iced coffees ranked worst to best.

Caramel and iced coffee is usually a lovely combination, so why doesn’t this one work? Dunkin’s caramel flavor in just didn’t have enough richness and tasted too artificial to convince us to keep drinking.

Here’s the thing — a latte, macchiato, and cappuccino are all different drinks. But I’m not sure Dunkin’ got that memo, because all three were pretty much the same.

Dunkin’s Cold Brew (which is steeped overnight in cold water) is just a little bit sad. Though it’s billed as a “full bodied” coffee, it’s got very little flavor, which is unusual for a cold brew. Are you secretly nitro?

The Sweet Cold Foam helps salvage the Cold Brew. Barely. The foam has a hint of vanilla and sweetness to it, so when it falls into the coffee — which it does quickly — it adds some flavor.

A macchiato is a shot of espresso with a splash of milk, but Dunkin’s Iced Macchiato is a layered masterpiece…unlike their Iced Latte. It has two shots of espresso layered over milk, so you can actually taste the coffee here.

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