16 Funny Gingerbread House Ideas for Christmas

Gingerbread house decorating is classic Christmas, but funny gingerbread houses is where it’s really at. Whether you’re looking to build a small, goofy cottage or an entirely ridiculous Edward Scissorhands-inspired neighborhood of semi-edible houses, there’s something here for you. And remember: when your gingerbread fails (and falls), add a dinosaur and tell everyone the destruction was part of the design.

Do you have gingerbread chicken in your life looking for a place to roost? This gingerbread chicken coop can be their home sweet home. (Yes, we’re emphasizing “sweet.”)

This gingerbread kit includes everything you need to build the dessert version of Barbie’s dream house. Like Barbie’s, our dream house is also pink and covered in gumdrops. Unlike Barbie’s, ours features Mark Ruffalo giving out backrubs.

All work and no play makes gingerbread men go stale. Anyway, here’s an intricate and large Overlook Hotel from The Shining.

Llamas are indigenous to Bethlehem, right? Re-create the Nativity Peru-style with this one-walled pastel llama gingerbread house.

Jurassic World is a holiday movie, right? Asking for a friend who definitely has this gingerbread volcano in their cart right now and not for ourselves — our cart is already full of garland.

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