Run Amuck In These Hocus Pocus Costumes This Halloween

Celebrate the season of the Salem witches (and the release of Hocus Pocus 2) by planning a group costume with your two besties and dress up as the three Sanderson sisters. Or, ride your broom solo as Dani or undead Billy.

Winifred Sanderson costumes consist of an emerald, purple, and gold gown, an emerald cape, and Winnie’s iconic orange curls. You’ll be casting spells in no time. Accio coffee!

Max is ready to be your muse if you need a last-minute costume. Throw on some jeans, a light grey tee, a long-sleeve blue sweatshirt, and an olive bomber jacket.

Mary's look can be recreated with a flowy long-sleeve orange top, red corset, and long patchwork skirt. Just don’t forget her signature crooked smile.

To portray the unexpected hero (Winifred's ex, Billy), you’ll need a black double-breasted coat, a frilly white shirt, and other colonial-era fashion. If your head is detachable, even better!

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