Coffee Mate Released a Pink Mean Girls Inspired Creamer

Want to feel like Regina’s mom? Next year, Mean Girls will be twenty years old. Let that sink in, then allow Coffee Mate to soften the blow. How? Just in time for the new movie Coffee Mate has released a pink Mean Girls coffee creamer.

The creamer brand announced that it’s teamed up with Paramount Pictures for a promotion that will satisfy more than just fans of a now-cult film from 2004. It'll satisfy fans of creamer, fans of the color pink, and anyone who's wishing the Mean Girls toaster streudel was on shelves.

It's a new 32-ounce Coffee Mate creamer inspired by the high school queen bees, who notoriously said, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” According to a press release from parent company, Nestlé USA, Coffee Mate’s newest pink addition  “channels the sweet flavor of a cake filled with rainbows and smiles.”

We still can't taste shapes, but if you can, please let us know what flavor that actually is. Strawberry? Vanilla? Either way, the Pepto Bismol-hued liquid adds 35 calories to your morning cup of joe and might inspire you to make at-home latte art this winter. (We recommend grabbing a few extra bottles for Valentine's Day.)

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