20 New Trader Joe’s Items You'll Want to Grab In June

Food + Drink

1. S’mores Clusters

Still the great combination of chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallows. But without all the sticky marshmallow insides that get on everything. Sorry, Fido.

2. Enchanted Jangle

This mix contains lemon-coated animal crackers, pretzels, strawberry yogurt-covered mini marshmallows, and chocolate-covered pretzel nuggets. What else did you want, a unicorn?

3. Blueberry Fields Hard Cheese

Blueberry is in the house! “Strawberry fields forever”? Bet those Beatles feel like idiots now.

4. Oat Chocolate Bars

We see oats, and we declare this a breakfast item. And totally not TJs take on the Crunch Bar.

5. Gluten Free Strawberry Muffins

Trader Joe’s is making sure that its gluten free consumers never have to miss out on the experience of enjoying that crispy yet soft muffin top. Sure, the rest of it is fine, too.

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