Jumpstart The New Year With 17 New Trader Joe’s Finds For January 2024

It’s officially January 2024! We survived not only 2023, but also the weird week between Christmas and New Years when we can only tell what day it is by how stale the Christmas cookies are. Instead of finishing the rest of those, may we recommend trying Trader Joe’s new products for January 2024?

These milk chocolate batons are single origin chocolates, meaning they come from a single country as opposed to a blend from multiple regions.

This heat-and-eat frozen meal hits all the right notes. With springy wheat noodles coated in peanut sauce, this dish contains chicken and veggies.

Love is in the air, but we’re not talking about people and their significant others. We’re talking about us and pasta.

Trader Joe’s rarely misses with their seasonal mousse cakes, and this Petit Fours version is no exception.

While it is a great cocktail mixer, this Triple Ginger Brew is also a tasty standalone option for those who want to keep the liquor low.

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