17 New Trader Joe's Products for Summer

Some people look forward to summer for the sunshine and warmth. We  look forward to this cheery season for the new Trader Joe’s summer items. Here are some of our favorites.

In a way, they might remind you of your neighborhood child’s lemonade stand. The one where they didn’t really make the lemonade right and you didn’t have the heart to tell them they’d never hack it with inflation. But anyway, the cookies are good.

1. Strawberry Lemonade Joe-Joe’s

We know it’s summer, but here’s a pop quiz: What’s a surefire way to make anything taste fancy? Did you guess truffles? Congratulations, you  get an A+!

2. Truffle Aioli

TJ’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning needs to watch out. Because this new blend is all the flavor of a dill pickle without the traditional cucumber vessel.

3. Seasoning in a Pickle

Turns out, eating Flaming Hot Cheetos out of a champagne glass does not make them fancy. At least according to the yacht club we're banned from.

4. Fancy Cheese Crunchies

Sweet, salty, twisted, and trendy. Is this the description of American Horror Story? Yes. But also of these tiny pretzels covered in ube yogurt candy coating.

5. Ube Pretzels

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