How To Build A Beautiful Vegan Charcuterie Board That Won’t Disappoint

Even if you're not sure how to pronounce charcuterie board, you can still enjoy making them. Arranging little foods, sauces, and jellies onto a beautifully stained board takes snacking to the next level, and these vegan charcuterie board ideas are perfect for the non-animal consumers out there.

This beautiful vegan charcuterie board dresses up vegan cheeses to look like small cakes. Intricately cut kiwis and cucumbers arranged into floral patterns make this board a true work of art.

We can't leave out the best meal of the day. Even breakfast can be beautifully arranged to make an egg-cellent vegan charcuterie board.

Served on a heart-shaped platter, this dessert vegan charcuterie board leans heavily on the sweet with vegan chocolates, jams, and an array of fruit.

Cauliflower wings, celery, and carrot sticks are ready to be the vessel that gets vegan ranch into your mouth. Pickle slices and tangy pineapple chunks round out the board, making this a total touchdown.

Never have we ever thought to use a bell pepper as a dish. This classic charcuterie includes vegan cheeses arranged in patterned geometric stacks and vegan pepperoni as blooming roses.

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