Author: Jennifer Stavros

Jennifer Stavros

Jennifer Stavros is a freelance writer who found herself dazzled by city life... but hasn't been able to decide completely on which one she'd like to call her one and only. As a self-identified hipster art geek, she enjoys beer, travel, video games, nature, cannabis, art, roller skates, and occasional throwbacks in her token booty shorts to her hometown closest city she also escaped from while wearing black sunglasses and on a mission from... well she was raised Catholic even though she doesn't practice anymore.

Her adventures in the city have spanned a variety of topics from art, politics, cannabis, beer, and even a serial killer and her work has been featured on The Independent, October, LAist, The LA Weekly, and more.

Her stories infuse her musings and personal growth embarking in academic and artistic exploration while double-fisting cocktails and beers in cities and frequently blur the lines of an artistic, corporate, colorful and dark world. You can read more about them on her blog Little Girl, Big City, on her TwitterMedium, or perhaps in one of the many books she's writing.