35 Christmas Charcuterie Boards You Can Bribe Santa With

What better way to get into the holiday season than with an epic Christmas charcuterie board? Okay, maybe watching Elf and smothering your pasta in maple syrup. But these boards are a good alternative.

We’re only a little salty that this charcuterie board looks better than our actual tree. To be fair, our cat had a field day with it last night, so it’s not all on us.

Mmm, cookies tinged with the flavor of salami.

Who needs a Christmas dinner when you can just eat a wreath? Things we never expected to say. Or at least say and mean.

Mindless snackers beware: dunking sugar cookies in ranch dressing doesn’t taste as good as it sounds.

If that brie doesn’t taste like peppermint candy, we’ll be perplexed. Our deductive reasoning skills may need some work.

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