29 Best Halloween Cookies to Bake This Season

We used to associate Halloween with candy and Christmas with cookies. But after seeing some of the best Halloween cookies we've ever eyeballed, we’ve decided spooky season is as good a time as any to bake. The eye candy is real, which is good because we just finished off the real candy.

These simple Skellingtons are a balm for anyone who needs a break from super sweet icings and ganaches. There are probably people like that.

We love a mixed media art piece, and we especially love a mixed-media food treat. Gummy worms and cookies? Mm-hmm.

These are everything we love in one batch of cookies. There’s sugar, and flour, and icing, and pretty colors. Oh, and some of our favorite Halloween characters too. Yeah, them.

These coffin kitties are coffin cuties, if you ask us. You didn't, but we answered anyway. Or maybe you did. This isn't two-way communication, okay?

We're loving these unusual designs, from a caramel apple cookie to icing mushrooms. But the skeleton hand holding a PSL speaks to us most. It's telling us to go to Starbucks.

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