14 Popular Trader Joe's Thanksgiving Items Ranked Worst to Best

As foodies, we always look forward to the endless array of beige starches that is the Thanksgiving spread. As Trader Joe’s lovers, we’re also excited that they roll out the goods in advance, so we taste tested and ranked Trader Joe's Thanksgiving items from worst to best. Gosh, it’s good to be us.

The redeeming factors of this kit are that it’s cute, and it comes with a lot of frosting. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s built on sugar cookies, which are great as roof shingles, but bad as food. If you’re going to be a cookie, be more exciting.

While these weren’t the worst tasting on the list, they were certainly the biggest disappointment. We love green bean casserole, and these just missed all of the marks.

Roast turkey, sweet potato, and cranberry are so delicious on our Thanksgiving plates, but something got lost in translation. This burrito version felt like something called #EatCleansGiving that you’d grab from the refrigerated case of a fancy gym's smoothie bar.

This popcorn is a good option for those who aren’t shy about seasoning and want to do some mindless munching. They’re heavy on the Thanksgiving flavor, but the popcorn itself is so light that the herbs can actually get a little overwhelming.

Look, it’s delicious. Of course it is. Because it’s a pumpkin pie. But that’s the thing. It’s just a pumpkin pie. We can get one anywhere and we’re going to love it, so we couldn’t in good faith put it much higher on the list.

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