25 Christmas Cocktails That Will Have You Feeling Merry and Bright

When it comes to Christmas cocktails, there's more than eggnog and more eggnog to go around. There's also Coquito! And, plenty of other holiday drinks that don't include dairy. Because, let's face it, after going down umpteen chimneys, Santa might need something more than milk and cookies to help him deliver presents all night long. Might we suggest an Old Fashioned for the jolly elf?

This fancy-looking festive sip is full of gingerbread flavor thanks to fresh ginger and spices like cinnamon and cloves. (If you want to add even more, consider picking up some gingerbread bitters or convincing some gingerbread men that it's a hot tub.)

This Mulled Wine is delicious, cozy, and full of warming spices. Make it on the stove top or in a slow cooker for maximum convenience then grab a mug, ladle up some, and stay toasty this winter. Drunk, and toasty.

Cranberry simple syrup and festive garnishes give the everyday Aperol spritz a Christmas-y flair.

Warm and cozy? Check. Flavorful aromatic spices? Check. Boozy? Double check. This drink checks all of the boxes for iconic holiday cocktails.

How cute are these cocktails? The drink itself is a vibrant, festive red, and also full of unexpected tropical flavors. Plus, the coconut on the rim looks just like the trim of Santa’s hat. Ho ho hold on while I go grab another one of these drinks!

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