13 Starbucks Cold Foam Drinks You've Got to Try

Starbucks first debuted cold foam at the Seattle Reserve Roastery in December 2014 with the Americano Con Crema. Since, it's become a staple in many cold brew and nitro cold brew beverages. It’s not the glow up story we were expecting, but it’s the one we apparently needed.

Some people say vanilla is boring. We say those people have never tried this drink. A little vanilla is added to the cold brew, and it’s topped with a vanilla sweet cream. It’s also available as a nitro cold brew option.

Order this and you’ll get cold brew swirled with Irish cream syrup,  and topped with a vanilla sweet cream cold foam and a hint of cocoa. It was created for the holiday season, but you can order it year round if  your store has the supplies in stock.

We tried it and found the foam’s flavor was pretty intense and kind of tasted like olive oil ice cream. If it works for Jeni’s Ice Cream, it can work for Starbucks.

The Starbucks nitro coffee is made with flavors of cinnamon caramel, then topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and dusted with even more cinnamon. It’s smooth, sweet, and above all else, is more pleasant than doing the Cinnamon Challenge.

For this secret menu cold foam drink, order a Venti Cold Brew with four pumps of white mocha. Then, ask for sweet cream with two pumps of cinnamon dolce in the foam and top with cinnamon dolce topping

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