15 Cute Starbucks Halloween Cups Available Overseas

Very few things get us more excited than Halloween and coffee. Combine the two, and someone better take our wallet away from us. Just you know, as soon as we buy one of each of these Starbucks Halloween cups. Starbucks stores on the other side of the Pacific must agree, because we’re gotten a look at their recent Halloween collections, and they're good enough that we’ve cleaned out an entire kitchen cupboard.

A black cat with a witch hat for a lid and a gold spoon? We finally understand the phrase “get out the good china.” Who needs etiquette classes?

Mushrooms are trendy right now but when you consider it’s a toss up on if they’ll off you or not, you start to understand how they could fit into the Halloween theme.

These pumpkins sure do look happy for someone that’s completely overworked this time of year. Are we projecting onto inanimate objects again?

We were a little confused with the design choice on this one until we packed it on our trip to the Upside Down. We’ve came back a lot more questions than answers, but at least the cup now makes sense.

Pretty soon it’s going to start cooling off outside. So remember, if you’re cold, this little devil cat-bat is cold too, so bring them inside.

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