These Are The Coolest Charcuterie Chalet Ideas, Plus How To Make Your Own

You've heard of charcuterie boards, hot cocoa boards, and even butter boards. It seems like every week, there's a new food trend to try. But charcuterie chalets might just be our favorite yet.

Use bread sticks to achieve this log cabin look. Hopefully no one in your crew has braces.

In this example, the charcuterie board becomes a front walkway to the house made of salami, with fruits and cheeses comprising the front yard.

Creativity skyrockets to the next level with this house and olive-garnished Christmas tree. The only problem is that it might actually be too pretty to eat.

Don't have time between all the holiday shopping and last-minute preparations to scrounge up the ingredients for a charcuterie chalet? The people at Edible Architecture sell ready-made kits.

This version created by FARMCurious includes a soft cheese snowman and broccoli shrubs. We're not sure why we've always been told not to play with our food, because this way is much more fun than eating with a fork.

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